Our Approach & Methodology


Transforming Your Business

Phase 1: What is the state of your business?

Your business might be running smoothly or even making profits like never before. But whether your business will manage to remain ahead of the game for the next 10 years is the question that you should be asking. A decade in a market that transforms on the back of regular technological and technical advancement is something to deliberate on. That is where assessment comes in.

• The first step is to set up a project plan with the needs and demands of the company in particular and the sector in general. A clear and straightforward project plan can go a long way.

• Then we analyse the gaps and shortcomings. At this stage, the company personnel are given prior knowledge of what changes they can expect from SS Solutions.

• The next phase comprises workshops on key performance indicators (KPI), business controls and management information systems (MIS). For best results, the potential of each employee needs to be fully leveraged in each field, and this will do just that.

 Phase 2: Solutions Design

A wide range of industries have an even wider range of business processes. The right solution for your business has to be determined through extensive planning based on rigorous research. And SS Solutions is the right place for that.

• We chalk out the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of your business and ascertain the changes required. These changes determine the direction that of your company’s journey with SS Solutions.

• The Business Blueprint comes in at step 5. Our team of experts at SS Solutions design specific tools around people, process and technology that will transform your business for the future.

 Phase 3: Deliver

With state of the art and customised planning, the next stage is to deliver and test the solutions.

•First we deliver and test the solutions specifically designed for your business. Upon satisfactory results we move on to the more challenging part.

•Company personnel are trained to cope with the changes. The testing and training for tailor made solutions is a crucial part in determining an organization’s capability to become a successful business.

Phase 4: Go-Live

This is the part where all the hard work is expected to yield results. With testing, planning, implementation and configuration, your company should now be ready to embrace the changes that SS Solutions has recommended.

•Now we prepare you for the new journey. The final preparation based on previous work is all in place for the solutions to go live.

• With everything going well, your company will have been transformed into a better functioning enterprise ready to face the furture challenges from the world of commerce.

Phase 5: Sustain

Now that everything is smooth and nice, it does not mean you are on your own as soon as you go live. SS Solutions will continue to provide support till the business has stabilised in the new system.

Remember, your growth is our priority and as such, we stress on governance, stabilization and support when it comes to transforming businesses. 24/7 presence of our highly trained professionals and experts enable us to assist you all the way till the end.

Our Approach Operation Model

SS Solutions is a mission-driven professional service providing company with a clearly defined set of values. We serve our clients by providing the highest quality professional services addressing their business challenges and issues.