SS Solutions Launches Joint Initiative with AIUB

The Company


SS Solutions helps businesses increase profits and improve productivity including efficiency and quality. We offer a wide range of services covering every aspect of business operation from procurement to payroll. Our solutions include automation and optimisation throughout a company.

We help companies use their resources more efficiently and effectively. For instance reducing the production cycle from 100 days to 75 would mean that much less cost of funds. Our specialised audits detect loopholes, spillage and wastage and point towards improvement.

SS Solutions advises on long term strategy based on detailed analysis of the company’s challenges and the challenges faced by the sector in general. For instance, a water bottling operation faces challenges from competitors as well as challenges arising out of impending regulations prohibiting plastic use.

At SS Solutions, we help clients leverage the power of information technology through integration and automation of manual tasks. Whereas HR executives might become overwhelmed calculating overtime and leave, we help automate these tasks with software that keep track of every detail. Thus we help companies do more with less people.

IT security becomes crucial as businesses become increasingly IT dependent. Foolproof security is not limited to good anti-virus software. The entire system must be protected from hackers and possible leaks from within. Towards that end, employees may have to adopt radical behavioral change. SS Solutions does not stop with the recommendations but also guides companies through the difficult transition.

SS Solutions further helps manage large projects and ensures the smooth execution within the stipulated timeline and budget. Megaprojects like a bridge could have hundreds of components and as many crucial factors. Our experts keep track of each of them and ensure the project without hiccups. They not only manage, coordinate and monitor but also ensure proper reporting.

Our group of dynamic experts caters to different businesses across sectors and industries. From pharmaceuticals to aviation, infrastructure to entertainment, SS Solutions has helped companies grow and turn into sustainable operations ready to tackle furture challenges.

The team of consultants is always at hand to help clients implement our solutions practically. It is not an academic exercise because we make sure it is implementable. Adopting new solutions and practices lead to hiccups. We do not leave until the client has sailed through the initial storm to stable operations.

SS Solutions strongly believes that it is as good as the employees who provide the service on the ground. We invest in training our employees and ensure that each acquires a varied skill set.

First to become an official education partner of SAP, SS Solutions provides training and globally recognised certificates. To make it easier for aspiring trainees, SS Solutions offers tailored SAP training packages (besides the prescribed modules) suitable for local requirements.

Strategic Partners

We identify business challenges, sector challenges, conduct diagnostic study with highest level of professionalism, design the right business solutions, implement the solutions and help our clients to achieve sustainable growth.